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We help you find your way through grief

We know there are many paths a person can take toward their personal healing.

Grieving the death of a spouse, a parent or a child can be keenly felt during the holidays, but support from loved ones - and from trained professionals - can help. Click here to read the essay "Beginning New Traditions" about the help a Rochester man got from his family and from Lifetime Care bereavement programs.

At The David H. Klein Center for Compassion and Healing, we offer many forms of support as you find your way through grief. You enjoy full access to resources that provide reassurance, understanding and encouragement including the Harris Beach Library and Resource Center at our Winton Road location in Rochester.

Every professional or volunteer you encounter has received special training in addressing the distinctive concerns of people dealing with loss or transition. They recognize that making a personal connection is essential to fostering healing and restoring wholeness.

You may also schedule a private conversation with one of our trained bereavement staff or volunteers either in person or over the phone.

During the year, Lifetime Care also sponsors memorial observances, open to the entire community (as well as families served by Hospice). Experience tells us that commemorating the lives of those we have lost can be an important step on the path to healing.

Ceremony of Remembrance
These special gatherings invite families to celebrate the memory of loved ones who have died, and to acknowledge the enduring strength of their caregivers. Music, readings, family tributes and memorial rituals highlight the ceremonies, which are scheduled twice a year (Spring and pre-Holiday Season) in Rochester and in the Newark area.

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