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Specialty Services

Lifetime Care delivers advanced, comprehensive services for patients with chronic conditions and families who need special care.

Cardiopulmonary Care – Helping you manage heart disease

  • Nurse Specialists and specially-trained RNs who assess, treat and teach
  • Common diagnoses: CHF, CAD, MI, COPD, dysrhythmias, peripheral vascular disease, post-cardiac surgery and pacemaker implantation
  • Case management, interdisciplinary coordination, timely MD notification
  • Remote patient monitoring, other technologies per orders
  • Download Cardiopulmonary Care PDF

Diabetes Education and Care – Developing a manageable treatment plan

  • Certified Diabetes Nurse Educators and specially trained team nurses instruct newly diagnosed patients in blood glucose monitoring, meal planning, exercise and medications
  • Personalized care planning for chronic diabetic self-management, including glycemic control, adaptive devices and coping strategies

Cancer Care – Managing the pain and side effects of treatment

  • Medical and post-surgical care
  • Assessment, treatment and teaching
  • Post Chemotherapy and Radiation
  • At-home Chemo infusion
  • Identify Long-Term Care needs
  • Case management support

Click here for information on Cancer Support groups

Parkinson’s Disease Care – Collaboration of patient, family and health care team

Wound Care – Specialists with national certification in wound, ostomy and continence nursing

  • Consults on cases by visit and/or digital photo review
  • Chronic wound management using evidence-based guidelines
  • Evaluation and referral for specialty beds and compression therapy
  • Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure (VAC)
  • Ostomy, fistula care and drainage management
  • Download Wound Care PDF

Joint Replacement Care – Getting you back on track

Women’s and Maternal/Child Health – Loving, sensitive, hands-on care at home

  • Comprehensive services for infants and children, new moms, and mothers-to-be
  • Pediatric clinical nurse specialist
  • Pre- and post-natal care and teaching
  • Pediatric assessment, care and teaching (post –acute and high-tech)
  • High-risk pregnancy management
  • IV nutrition, hydration
  • Linkage with CompassionNet, if needed
  • Download Women's Health PDF
  • Download Maternal/Child Health PDF

Home Infusion Therapy – Avoid unnecessary doctor/clinic or hospital visits

  • Comfort and privacy at home
  • State of the art technology
  • Nurses specially trained in the administration of IV treatments
  • 24-hour clinical support for physicians and patients
    • User-friendly therapies such as:
    • IV antibiotics
    • Hydration
    • Total parenteral nutrition
    • Pain medication
    • Chemotherapy
  • Download Home Infusion Therapy PDF

Lifetime Care also provides leading-edge patient care technology. Remote Patient Monitoring helps maintain patient health and reduces hospital readmissions. Home Support Services can assure safety and support independence.