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Hospice Home Health

If someone you love is terminally ill and would prefer to receive care at home, hospice care from Lifetime Care can help.

Our hospice staff is highly skilled at managing pain and other physical symptoms of advanced illnesses. Hospice care also assists patients and families with spiritual, emotional, and psychological concerns.

Patients who meet the eligibility criteria for hospice care including having someone who is available and willing to function as his or her primary caregiver can stay in their own homes and receive care.

Lifetime Care also provides hospice services to individuals who choose to make a “comfort care home” their residence at the end of life. Operated mostly by volunteers with support from local parishes and community groups, these homes accommodate people who are eligible for hospice care but cannot receive services in their own homes.

Role of a Primary Caregiver

With support from the Hospice team, the primary caregiver is a person the patient may turn to for routine matters. The primary caregiver:

  • Is often a spouse, parent, child or sibling
  • May also be anyone the patient desires to function in this role
  • Does not have to live with the patient (a patient may live alone as long as he or she can safely and adequately do so)

Most patients who live alone need to have someone (usually the primary caregiver) move in – or relocate to a comfort care home – as they approach the final stages of their illness.

Support for the Family

Hospice social workers help families solve problems they may face during this difficult time. Sometimes the family may need to talk about the loved one’s illness and anticipated loss, or how to best use their personal resources.

Hospice also offers pastoral counseling to help families carry out faith-related rituals that are important to the patient. The Hospice chaplain uses a network of community clergy and lay chaplains to meet these needs within the patient's and family's faith tradition.

Hospice volunteers offer support and encouragement during times of stress. They have received specialized training to prepare them to assist Hospice patients and families.

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