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Hospice services at the Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center

Hospice Center

Most hospice care takes place where patients live – at home or in nursing homes – but hospice services are also available in the Elizabeth G. and Jennifer J. Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center, located at 2652 Ridgeway Avenue in Greece.

Sometimes a Hospice patient’s needs can only be managed effectively in a professionally supervised setting, if it becomes too difficult to assure comfort where the patient lives. When this occurs, the patient’s physician may arrange to admit the patient to the Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center.

Elizabeth G. and Jennifer J. Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center

Lifetime Care provides inpatient hospice care and hospice residence care at this free-standing hospice facility on the Unity Hospital campus in Greece. Designed and furnished like an elegant residence or hotel, this 11-bed facility embodies the hospice promise of comfort and dignity at the end of life, thanks to staff and volunteers experienced in care of the dying.

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At the Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center, visiting hours are unlimited and family members can spend the night in comfortable accommodations. Supervised children and pets are also welcome.

Any physician can admit a patient to the Hospice Care Center. Hospice physicians affiliated with Unity Health system are available to provide medical coverage for patients at this facility.

Admission for inpatient hospice care may take place only for one of the following reasons:

  • Intensive symptom management and medication regulation
  • Family teaching
  • Respite (relief) for family, up to five days

Hospice at the Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center (TV spot)
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Hospice Residence Care

Hospice Residence Care

Some people do not have a home environment appropriate for hospice care, or lack the family caregiving support necessary for Hospice to provide care in the home. Through Hospice Residence care, we are able to provide services to these patients at the Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center.

In larger suites designed for longer stays, Hospice Residence Care may be appropriate for:

  • Terminal patients whose caregivers are no longer able to care for them
  • Those whose caregivers must be out of the home for long periods
  • Those who live alone without adequate support or a suitable caregiver
  • Those who no longer have a home.

With Hospice Residence Care, patients and their families enjoy access to the kinds of amenities associated with home.

For a patient insured by or eligible for Medicaid, Hospice Residence services are fully covered. For others, residence fees are usually paid privately, though some insurance companies provide coverage.

In addition, many area hospitals have made arrangements with Lifetime Care Hospice to allow a Hospice patient’s care in the hospital, if necessary.