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For more information about palliative care and hospice, visit:

Compassion and Support at the End of Life
Caring Connections
Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
New York State Department of Health

Links to more information about caregiving:

Strength for Caring
Caregiver Action Network
National Alliance for Caregiving
Family Caregiver Alliance
Today's Care Giver

Helpful Publications

Publications produced by Lifetime Care are available for purchase by individuals and other healthcare providers. Hundreds of hospices and other organizations now use these in their family and community education programs.

Suddenly Solo and Starving: Recipes for Healing After Loss

This unusual 350-page cookbook offering helpful hints and anecdotes about cooking for one was created by people who have gone through the grieving experience – a group of Hospice volunteers.

  • Also includes menu ideas and food preparation tips
  • Addresses various aspects of grieving

350 pages, $15 per copy (shipping included).

Journeys End, by hospice nurse Deborah Sigrist.

Widely praised by members of our hospice families, this powerful booklet helps ease the fears of families about the dying process

  • Offer advice on things they can do to make their loved ones more comfortable
  • Provides guidance that is gentle but direct

32 pages. $4 per copy (shipping included).

Finding Your Way Through Grief, by bereavement counselor Theo Munson.

This popular booklet is given to every family served by our hospice and is available to anyone in any of our support groups.

  • Focuses on coping techniques and support systems
  • Draws on the author’s 14 years in oncology and bereavement counseling
  • Reassures and offes valuable suggestions

24 pages. $3 per copy (shipping included).

The Patient Visitor: A Guide to Comforting A Dying Friend, also by Theo Munson

The advice in this new booklet comes from the best possible sources, terminally ill patients served by Lifetime Care Hospice and members of their families.

  • Offers sounds guidance through eloquent testimony
  • Aids anyone in overcoming personal feelings of inadequacy, hesitancy and worry that fuel putting off a visit to someone we care about

44 pages. $5 per copy (shipping included).

Discounts are offered on bulk orders of these publications:

  • 25-99 copies: 10% discount
  • 100-199 copies: 15% discount
  • 200+ copies: 20% discount

Hospices and other healthcare providers may request sample copies of any publication by calling (585) 214-1415.