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Nursing Homes

Hospice provides the same services to nursing home residents as it does for people living in their own homes. Nurses, social workers, home health aides and other Hospice staff visit the patient in the nursing home, and medications required to control pain or other symptoms are provided by Hospice. Hospice admits eligible patients who live in nursing homes that contract with Lifetime Care for hospice services.

Benefits of Specialized Training

Hospice staff have special expertise in relieving pain and other physical symptoms, and give extra attention to a patient's and family's emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being. Combined with the skill and experience of the nursing home staff, this creates a distinctive collaboration of care.

Hospice care supplements and enhances the care provided by the nursing home staff. The physician, nurses, social workers, nursing assistants and other services provided by the nursing home remain unchanged, and the nursing home staff continues to be the family's primary contact and source of information.

Lifetime Care Hospice provides services at more than 25 nursing homes in Monroe, Wayne and Seneca counties. See a complete list of these homes.

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