laurieLauren “Laurie” Zwetsch, MS, RN, PNP, has been named a 2017 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year finalist in the hospice/home health/palliative care category.  Nominated by her peers, she was recognized on September 22 at the annual Nurse of the Year Gala, which honors nursing excellence throughout the community.  Laurie’s breadth of knowledge and years of kind and compassionate care for children and their families make her an invaluable member of the CompassionNet team.
Following is an excerpt from her nomination:

“She is loved by each and every child and family that she cares for and she simply loves them back. Laurie is the consummate bedside nurse. She has exquisite skill at caring for children and families with life threatening diseases throughout the trajectory of their illness and most significantly at the time of death. Laurie is selfless and gives of her time to stay with families (night and or day) in hopes of providing a peaceful and dignified death for the child, for the siblings and family, and the family’s community. She makes it look easy and she does it with no fanfare, just a quiet, expert, and caring approach to alleviate the suffering of others.”
Congratulations Lauren!